Active Publishers

The following is a list of active small press publishers specializing in horror, suspense, or dark fantasy.

Asterisks (*) indicate that the publisher’s inclusion on the list is borderline, for one of the following reasons: publisher produces a high volume of non-horror titles; publisher is new, with only one or two titles published, so viability is in question; publisher has not produced any titles in a while, and may be dormant/defunct.

I’m also maintaining a page listing publishers that were excluded from this list (for a variety of reasons). This list last updated February 14, 2012.

  1. Acid Grave Press*
  2. Along About Midnight Press*
  3. Altar 13 (and DarkFuse Publications)
  4. Annihilation Press*
  5. Apex Publications (and Black Room Books and The Zombie Feed)
  6. Arkham House
  7. Ash-Tree Press
  8. Atomic Fez Publishing*
  9. Babbage Press*
  10. Bad Moon Books
  11. Bandersnatch Books*
  12. Belfire Press*
  13. Bitter Lemon Press*
  14. Black Bed Sheet Books*
  15. Black Coat Press*
  16. Black Death Books (and Skullvines Press, Blasphemous Books, Tokusatsu Press)
  17. Blackwyrm*
  18. Blade Red Press
  19. Blood Bound Books
  20. Bloodletting Press (and Arcane Wisdom, Infernal House, and Morning Star)
  21. Bloody Pulp Books
  22. Books of the Dead Press
  23. Borderlands Press
  24. Burning Effigy Press
  25. By Light Unseen Media*
  26. Camelot Books
  27. Cargo Cult Press
  28. Cemetery Dance Publications
  29. Centipede Press (and Millipede Press)
  30. Chaosium*
  31. Charnel House
  32. Chizine Publications
  33. Chomu Press
  34. Comet Press
  35. Coscom Entertainment
  36. Creeping Hemlock Press (and Print is Dead)
  37. Crossroad Press
  38. Cutting Block Press
  39. Damnation Books
  40. Dark Arts Books
  41. Dark Continents Publishing
  42. Dark Minds Press*
  43. Dark Prints Press*
  44. Dark Quest Books*
  45. Dark Regions Press (and Ghost House)
  46. Dark Scribe Press
  47. Dark Silo Press
  48. Darkhouse Publishing
  49. Darkwood Press*
  50. Dead Letter Press
  51. Deadite Press
  52. Delirium Books (and Corrosion Press and Darkside Digital)
  53. Donald M. Grant, Publisher
  54. Double Dragon Publishing*
  55. Earthling Publications
  56. Eibonvale Press
  57. Elder Signs Press
  58. Eraserhead Press (and Swallowdown Press)
  59. Ex Occidente Press (and Passport Levant)
  60. Exaggerated Press*
  61. Gauntlet Press (and Edge Books)
  62. Generation Next Publications (website down as of 1/1/2012)
  63. Golden Gryphon Press*
  64. Gothic Press
  65. Grand Mal Press
  66. Gray Friar Press
  67. Graveside Books
  68. Hadesgate Publications*
  69. Haffner Press*
  70. Harrow Press*
  71. Hersham Horror Books*
  72. Hippocampus Press
  73. HW Press
  74. House of Murky Depths*
  75. Innsmouth Free Press
  76. King’s Way Press
  77. LegumeMan Books*
  78. Library of the Living Dead Press
  79. Living Dead Press
  80. Lonely Road Books
  81. Marietta Publishing*
  82. May December Publications*
  83. Medusa Press
  84. MHB Press (and Hard Gore Press)
  85. Midnight Library
  86. Midnight Marquee Press
  87. Miskatonic River Press
  88. Morrigan Books
  89. Mortbury Press
  90. Mythos Books
  91. Naked Snake Press (and Lilith Books)
  92. Necessary Evil Press
  93. NECON E-Books
  94. Necro Publications
  95. Necropolitan Press*
  96. New Pulp Press*
  97. Nightjar Press
  98. Night Shade Books
  99. Noose and Gibbet Publishing
  100. Novello Publishers (and Squid Salad Press)*
  101. Overlook Connection Press
  102. Pendragon Press
  103. Perilous Press
  104. Permuted Press (and Swarm Press)
  105. Pill Hill Press
  106. Post Mortem Press
  107. Prime Books
  108. PS Publishing*
  109. Rainfall Books (and BJM Press)
  110. Rainstorm Press
  111. Raw Dog Screaming
  112. Rocket Ride Books*
  113. Sarob Press
  114. Screaming Dreams
  115. Severed Press
  116. Shroud Publishing
  117. Side Real Press
  118. Sideshow Press
  119. Sinister Grin Press
  120. Sonar4 Publications
  121. Spectral Press
  122. Spectre Library
  123. Stark House Press
  124. Strange Publications
  125. Subterranean Press*
  126. Swan River Press
  127. Tartarus Press
  128. Tasmaniac Publications
  129. Telos Publications*
  130. Terradan Works*
  131. Thunderstorm Books
  132. Ticonderoga Publications*
  133. TTA Press*
  134. Underland Press
  135. Undertow Books
  136. Uninvited Books
  137. West Pigeon Press*
  138. Wildside Press (and Cosmos Books)*

15 Responses to Active Publishers

  1. Ryan says:

    Thanks so much for having a list like this. It is a huge help for an up and coming horror author like me.

  2. Please contact me at 1(864)229)-9800 or 124 Kingston Rd. ,Greenwood,S.C. 29649 if you’d like to use me for paid art assignments in watercolr or pencil or pen and ink after viewing my art website at David L. Transue at Artspan through Google. Thanks!

  3. Frank says:

    Hey Robert,
    I was looking through the Active Publishers list, checking out their sites, and clicked on Gothic Press. This brought me to a hacker window that brings you to some middle eastern site. Not sure if that’s a propaganda or virus attempt from the site or not, but wanted to let you know.

  4. Robert says:

    Thanks for letting me know, Frank. Gothic Press apparently moved to a new site ( and abandoned the old site to hackers. I’ve updated the link accordingly.

  5. Big Dawg says:

    What about Wild Wolf Publishing?

  6. Robert says:

    Given their broad distribution and significant sales figures, I think it’s a stretch to call White Wolf a small press. But it’s a fair question.

  7. Big Dawg says:

    Wild Wolf, not White Wolf! :)

  8. Robert says:

    Sorry, just got back from two weeks on the road and I still (obviously) can’t see straight. Wild Wolf is actually on my list of presses to investigate and determine whether they should be added to the list.

    My current list of presses to investigate: Wild Wolf Publishing; The LORE Firm, LLC; Dolphin Moon Publishing; Crystal Dreams Publications; Graveside Books; Broken Sea Products; Triskaideka Books; Alter Ego Books; Twelfth Planet Press; Grindhouse Press.

    List of presses that I’ve already determined should be added, just need to create a blog entry with some summary info: Along About Midnight Press; Dark Moon Books, Journalstone Publishing; Haunted Computer Books; Cycatrix Press; Brimstone Press; Aeon Press Books; Alchemy Press.

  9. Big Dawg says:

    Blacksails Press?

  10. Big Dawg says:

    panic press has folded

  11. Robert says:

    Thanks for the tip on Panic Press. I’ll remove them from the list. As for Blacksails Press, I don’t include new presses until they’ve published at least one title and announced a 2nd title. As per the Blacksails site, they haven’t yet published a book, so I’ll hold off on including them for now.

  12. Big Dawg says:

    Great site! A real help for anyone looking for a small press horror publisher …

  13. Big Dawg says:

    I think Blacksails Press has sunk before it’s even set sail. The website seems abandoned and they don’t answer emails. Another one bites the dust …

  14. Robert says:

    A shame if true. But they wouldn’t be the first, and won’t be the last…

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