Apologies for Brief Site Outage

My sincere apologies to anyone and everyone who over the last couple days discovered that Twilight Ridge had gone AWOL, without even leaving “croatoan” scrawled on a nearby tree.  The explanation, for those who care: my hosting provider moved the site to new hardware, and a new IP address, which is all well and good, but it happened while I was traveling and I didn’t see the notice…and thus didn’t update the IP address used by the service that caches my content in order to make it faster-loading and more secure.  Fortunately, once I discovered the problem, I was able to correct it pretty quickly.  Both the hosting company and caching service were very helpful, so I’m happy to identify, and recommend them both: JustHost for hosting and CloudFlare for caching.

As for me… I’ll be back in this space soon with more reviews — of books by Robert Hood, Nate Southard, and Peter Bell, for starters — as well as another round-up of newly-launced small presses.  As always, thanks for daring to tread on Twilight Ridge.

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