“What Ever Happened To…?”

In addition to my “Spotlight on Publishing” column, there’s another column that I’ve written sporadically over the years, one that focuses on another of my interests (or obsessions), slightly beyond the particular confines of the horror small press.

Specifically, I’ve always been intrigued by individuals, particularly authors and artists, who achieved a degree of notoriety in their field but later vanished from view.  I thus launched the column “What The Hell Ever Happened To…?” in issue #8 of The Scream Factory (Winter 1991/92) in order to start tracking down some of the horror genre’s former luminaries who had since gone underground.  A total of nine installments of the column appeared in the pages of The Scream Factory before that magazine ceased publication with issue #19 in 1997.

The column’s concept continued to resonate with me, however, and in the latter stages of my tenure as Editor of Cemetery Dance magazine, I asked Rick Kleffel to resurrect the column under the slightly more PC title “Where Are They Now?”  Rick authored two installments before I took the reins again myself for a final column in Cemetery Dance #63.  At that point, I wanted to fully revive the column and publish installments on a regular basis, but Cemetery Dance’s already full slate of columnists meant that “Where Are They Now?” would only be able to appear on an irregular basis.

I thus secured CD’s blessing to find a new home for the column, and my search quickly led me to Dark Discoveries, which had significant appeal due to the regular publishing schedule promised by the magazine’s new publisher, JournalStone Publishing.  After some quick negotiations with JournalStone President Christopher C. Payne, the column had a new home.  The column is now appearing in every issue of Dark Discoveries, under its original moniker, “What The Hell Ever Happened To…?”  I’ll reprint those columns here, after they’ve had a chance to appear in the magazine, and may also publish supplemental installments on this site.

Here’s a complete list of appearances of the column to date, with subjects —

As “What The Hell Ever Happened To…?”
in Dark Discoveries magazine:

Dark Discoveries #34              S.P. Somtow
Dark Discoveries #33              Thom Metzger
Dark Discoveries #32              Bari Wood
Dark Discoveries #31              T. Chris Martindale
Dark Discoveries #30              Jeff Conner and Scream/Press
Dark Discoveries #29              Gary Raisor
Dark Discoveries #28              Owl Goingback
Dark Discoveries #27              Jeffrey Sackett
Dark Discoveries #26              Mark Clements
Dark Discoveries #25              Alan Rodgers
Dark Discoveries #24              Frank De Felitta
Dark Discoveries #23              Sean Costello

As “Where Are They Now?” in Cemetery Dance magazine:

Cemetery Dance #63              Ken Eulo
Cemetery Dance #58              Daniel Rhodes (column by Rick Kleffel)
Cemetery Dance #53              William Schoell (column by Rick Kleffel)

As “What The Hell Ever Happened To…?”
in The Scream Factory magazine:

The Scream Factory #17         Louise Cooper (by Stan Nicholls)
The Scream Factory #16         Gerald Page
The Scream Factory #15         Galad Elflandsson & Leslie Whitten
The Scream Factory #13         Don Glut
The Scream Factory #12         Stuart David Schiff and Whispers Press
The Scream Factory #11         Gerald Kersh
The Scream Factory #10         Michael Avallone
The Scream Factory #9           Jack Cady
The Scream Factory #8           Jere Cunningham

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  1. Many thanks for making this interview available! In search of Coye art, I bought some of the early issues of Whispers and wondered why the hell something that great was no longer published, and a cursory Google search led me here. I look forward to exploring your blog and to more discoveries…

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