“Spotlight on Publishing”

A Brief History of the Column

The initial installment of my “Spotlight on Publishing” column appeared in issue #8 of Cemetery Dance magazine, waaay back in the Spring of 1991. I wrote a total of 25 installments between then and issue #48. (I became Editor of CD as of issue #35, a post I held through issue #60, and during that period I pretty much no longer had the time to write the column.) There were also seven “guest installments” of the column by other writers over the last few years.

After stepping down as Editor of CD, I revived the column in issue #61 of CD. In its earlier incarnation, “Spotlight on Publishing” was almost exclusively an interview-based column (meaning that the majority of each installment would consist of an interview with a small press publisher). Since its re-emergence, however, the column has had more variety, morphing into a combination of news, views, reviews, and interviews.

As of CD #65, all the content from my column can also be found in the blog posts on this site (not in exactly the same format as the column, but all the info is here…and there are many additional reviews on this site that never make it into the column, due to space constraints).

In order to provide on this site the complete contents of the column since its revival, here are links to the earlier installments of the reborn column, from issues #61-64:

A Chronology of Columns, and Publishers Interviewed

Column from CD #64

Column from CD #63

Column from CD #62

Column from CD #61

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