Twilight Ridge’s Top Five Books for 2013


Here it is, the obligatory “best of 2013” post.  It is, of course, limited to the books that I actually read during 2013, a group that — in a clear sign of my dedication to Twilight Ridge — almost exactly equates to the books that I reviewed here on this site.  I read only a small handful of additional titles beyond those that I reviewed.  Without further hand-waving, here’s the top five:

  1. Carl Shuker, Anti Lebanon
  2. Nathan Ballingrud, North American Lake Monsters
  3. Michael Marshall Smith, Everything You Need
  4. David Nickle, The ‘Geisters
  5. John Langan, The Wide, Carnivorous Sky

Runner-up: Michael McBride, The Coyote.

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